April 13, 2010

The Really Good Fun Cartoon Book of NLP: A Simple and Graphic Explanation of the Life Toolbox That Is NLP

Product Description What good is a toolbox if you can t figure out how to use the tools? This is the question at the heart of […]
April 8, 2010

A Little About Nlp Training & Life Coaching

By: Corey Rozon Throughout your life, you may have unknowingly built up barriers in your brain. It is these barriers that tend to hold you back […]
April 6, 2010

The NLP Toolkit: Activities and Strategies for Teachers, Trainers and School Leaders

Product Description The NLP Toolkit designed for grade 1-12, is packed with easy to use tools, activities and techniques for use in the classroom and other […]
April 5, 2010

Generative Hypnosis: The Fundamentals of the Ericksonian Approach

Product Description In this audio seminar you will be introduced to a wealth of resources found within…your unconscious mind. "Generative Hypnosis: The Fundamentals of the Ericksonian […]