A Versatile and Effective NLP Process: Mapping Across Using Submodalities

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November 4, 2011
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mapping across - The Princeton Tri-State Center for NLPMany, many of the techniques of NLP use submodalities (characteristics of experience).  The swish pattern, change history, double disociation, etc.

One of the most important presuppositions of NLP are based on the use of submodalities, “You have all the resources needed to make any change you want.”

In this article, created by the folks at NLP-Mentor, several videos explore the process of “mapping across” during a live demonastration.

Mapping Across – an NLP technique using submodalities – NLP Mentor


Mapping across transfers the submodalities or elements of a particular state or context to another. It is particularly useful when you want to make a resource state available somewhere else.

Although this appears at first to be a complex process, by practicing a few times with willing participants, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Ed Andriessen
Ed Andriessen
Ed currently holds two certifications as a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one from the NLP Center of New York and one from NLP University at the University of California at Santa Cruz.He is also Co-director of the Princeton Center for NLP and is a Dilts/NLP University Distance Learning Affiliate. Ed has dedicated himself to understanding human communication in its many forms, and works as a trainer, coach, consultant and professional speaker.For twelve years, Ed has designed and led trainings and seminars in NLP, Management Development, Professional Development and Selling skills.Ed has studied with some of the best trainers in the world including Steven Leeds, Rachel Hott, Joseph Yeager, Susan Sommers, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Suzi Smith, Sid Jacobson, Michael Colgrass, Shelle Rose Charvet and Steve Andreas.


  1. Thanks so much! Before I go, this just exemplifies just
    what a holistic, and thereby widely applicable, hypnosis is.
    What other websites and other resources would you suggest for a
    moderately experienced person researching about covert hypnosis?

    Here is one article I found

  2. For instance, if someone asked me what made me a good speller, I might say, “When I come across a word I can’t spell I look it up immediately” This is my strategy for being a good speller, and I might teach this as a process. Only if I am associated and in my “spelling state” will I notice that I see a picture of the word up and to my left followed by a feeling in my solar plexus that this is right.

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