June 9, 2009

A Walk Through Mt. Alvernia Retreat Center

Several people who are interested in attending the Healing Your Heart, Embracing Your Spirit Retreat have asked questions about the Mt. Alvernia Retreat Center. Although we’ve […]
May 28, 2009

Healing Your Heart – Ways to Creating a Spiritual State

Mary Demetria Davis answersa another question about the "Healing Your Heart, Embracing Your Spirit" Retreat. In this video she answers the question, "What are the ways to creating a spiritual state?"
May 23, 2009

If It’s Possible for Perry…

In this video, a young person demonstrates how he uses and NLP technique to be more resourceful.
May 18, 2009

Healing Your Heart – Why This Program?

The first in a series of frequently asked questions on the Healing Your Heart, Embracing Your Spirit" Retreat 2009.
April 1, 2009

Hello world! We’re Changing!

If you see the “Hello World” in the title of a blog post, you’ll know that a new blog site has just been created. That’s what’s […]