June 8, 2010

The Weight, Hypnotherapy And You, Weight Reduction Program: An NLP And Hypnotherapy Practitioner Manual

Product Description This book gives practitioners a complete, fully-scripted, ready-to-use weight reduction program that addresses the near epidemic problem of obesity in adults. It includes complete […]
June 5, 2010

NLP Meta Programs

www.communicatingexcellence.com Andy Hunt of Integrity NLP explores NLP Meta Programs in every day, understandable terms. From our NLP Practitioner training March 2010 in Newcastle upon Tyne. […]
May 27, 2010

NLP – Verifiable and Non-Verifiable Statements

Jamie Smart from Salad Ltd demonstrates how pacing and leading is the secret to moving a person’s consciousness in the direction you want. This process type […]
May 26, 2010

Self Hypnosis Techniques that Really Work

If you are interested in self hypnosis, you will need to know the different self hypnosis techniques out there so that you can choose one that […]
May 25, 2010

Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a Week

Product Description This book provides a dynamic collection of tools, techniques, and strategies that facilitate excellence throughout the work environment. By studying the way you access and […]
May 22, 2010

NLP Eye Movement Integration with a Vietnam Veteran (PTSD)

Get the full DVD: j.mp Eye Movement Integration, NLP's kinder and gentler version of EMDR is used to resolve a Vietnam Veteran's PTSD flashbacks. This video […]
May 21, 2010

NLP Allergy Demo

Allergies are basically a mistake on the part of the immune system and are typically developed during life transition times. Using NLP you can often eliminate […]