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April 21, 2010
Essential Neuro Linguistic Programming: A Teach Yourself Guide
April 23, 2010
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Neuro Linguistic Programming tips from Pure Elation on quitting smoking and easing the cravings. Contact

Ed Andriessen
Ed Andriessen
Ed currently holds two certifications as a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one from the NLP Center of New York and one from NLP University at the University of California at Santa Cruz.He is also Co-director of the Princeton Center for NLP and is a Dilts/NLP University Distance Learning Affiliate. Ed has dedicated himself to understanding human communication in its many forms, and works as a trainer, coach, consultant and professional speaker.For twelve years, Ed has designed and led trainings and seminars in NLP, Management Development, Professional Development and Selling skills.Ed has studied with some of the best trainers in the world including Steven Leeds, Rachel Hott, Joseph Yeager, Susan Sommers, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Suzi Smith, Sid Jacobson, Michael Colgrass, Shelle Rose Charvet and Steve Andreas.


  1. nlpelation says:

    Another way is to listen to the people you get on best with, it is very likely you share a Predicate Preference. Predicate Preference is usually gained from a predominate parental figure, so you could listen to theirs.
    Do you respond better to visual, auditory or kinaesthetic; or how do you learn best? That would give you a good indication.
    If youre disciplined, you could note them as your talking.

  2. nlpelation says:

    To determine your own speech patterns is not as easy as determining others. You could write down what do for a living and what you think about the day to day of it (Im trying not to use VAK that may influence you) and see what is the most common occurring = visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. You may also notice a distinct pattern of order to them.

  3. graffpk says:

    so how do you determine? whwat your speech patterns are?

  4. Unlocalist says:

    loved this video! derren brown uses alota NLP techniques
    glad you’ve took the time to share this information 🙂


    Gr8 vid, thanks.

  6. happygolucky711 says:

    Hey, this is great info — clearly set out and helpful!

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