NLP Coaching

Dynamic Personal CoachingMan speaks in megaphone

The Princeton Center for NLP provides dynamic coaching for individuals, couples and families.

Our staff is highly trained in the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming that is widely known to effect rapid, long lasting change.

The approach is educational, with the learning going “into the muscle” and across a variety of new and different contexts.

Why Personal Coaching? Change is easier when you have a skilled supporter assist you in achieving your outcomes.

Often an individual wishes to make changes that will lead to new thoughts, feelings and, ultimately, behaviors. Patterns (both conscious and unconscious) already exist that are sometimes difficult to identify, re-sort and re-pattern.

A skilled NLP Practitioner can help identify and design a new pathway through old patterns into new and more useful ones, sometimes even using the existing patterns to make the desired changes.

What is Involved with Personal Coaching? Some of the issues we work with include:

Communication – Improving sending or receiving messages for increased clarity and personal effectiveness

Relationship problems – Identify deletions, distortion and generalizations that lead to loss of rapport. Create alignment and more resourceful responses

Inner conflicts – identifying, sorting and integrating polarities for inner peace

Eating disorders – Interrupt thoughts, feeling and behaviors that lead to unhealthy eating. Re-pattern for health and weight loss

Stress and anxiety – reducing or eliminating fear and angst for specific or general circumstances

Phobias – Change predictable negative responses to stimuli to more comfortable and resourceful responses

Presentation Skills – Eliminate performance anxiety or stage fright and build in dynamic presence and compelling delivery

Trauma due to major change or emotional experience – Use pre-established resources to transition to positive transformation.

How do we work together? Please call for a brief discussion of your desired changes. We will agree on the best approach for coaching based on your location, either face-to-face, by telephone, or a combination of both.

Following the first session, we will talk two to three more times (either by phone or in person). Each discussion can last from 5 minutes to one hour based on your desired changes. You can also e-mail or leave voice mail between sessions.

Who do I contact? Please contact Mary Demetria Davis at 609 – 689 – 3745

Executive Coaching

The Princeton Center for NLP offers in-house training and coaching for corporations, small businesses and executives.

Onsite Applications Some business people prefer having an NLP Trainer work one-to-one or as a group leader with their team at their workplace.

When we do on-site coaching, we work with you to work through the obstacles and apply the resources needed to succeed. In a preliminary interview we assess with you what your needs are. Then we create a tailored plan for you and your group.


Some of our corporate clients include:

  • Time Warner, Inc.
  • American Express Co.
  • United States Postal Service
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Texaco
  • IBM
  • American Cyanamid
  • McGraw-Hill Companies
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Brandywine Consulting Group