Differing Answers

If you’ve asked this question of more than one person, you get a different answer each time.

That’s why, in this site, we’ve woven real stories of men and women who have applied NLP to their lives in very different ways – to clarify what it is, how it’s used, and why it works.


The fact is that NLP serves such a basic function in human communication that it can literally be applied to any area of your life to maximize your personal and professional development.

NLP deals with modifying and redesigning thinking patterns for flexibility and new capacities and abilities.


NLP arose from the studies of high achievers who consistently attained exceptional resultsin their personal lives and careers.

Their skills are taught in our training and through our book and tape offerings


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): a detailed operational model of the processes involved in human behavior and communication.

Although it is not itself a psychotherapy, NLP’s principles can be used to understand and make changes in any realm of human experience and activity.

NLP has been applied to therapeutic concerns, and has proven to be a powerful and rapid yet subtle technology for making extensive and lasting changes in human behavior and capacities.

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