NLP Workshops

Throughout the year, The Princeton Center for NLP conducts programs that introduce special applications of NLP.

These programs do not require an understanding of NLP and are open to the general public. If you would like more information on these programs, please call us and we will glad to discuss these topics.

Words That Change Minds I & II

Based on the highly effective LAB profile, Words That Change Minds seminars will give you practical real world information and skills to understand, predict and influence behavior. This is the first step in achieving your quantum leap in communication.

Integrating Words That Change Minds allows you to:

  • Create deep levels of rapport with individuals and groups
  • Implement Organizational change with less resistance
  • Shorten the sales cycle while improving customer satisfaction
  • Design powerful marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Hire people who are right for the job
  • Dramatically improve the results of conflict mediation, coaching and negotiations
  • Design training programs to quickly and comfortably satisfy learning needs
  • Increase knowledge and validation of one’s self
  • Create understanding and appreciation of the differences in others

Fundamentals of Management with NLP:

Strategic Thinking and Relational Skills

The transition from star performer to a company manager can be a stressful and confusing change. The skills that led to success in a particular job role may be very different from those needed to manage.

New Managers must learn how to win the trust and respect of others, further the organization’s goals and manage their own personal stresses and challenges.

This course provides valuable insight into the challenges and responsibilities that new Managers face based on three themes: Organizational goals, Departmental planning, and skills with Direct Reports.

Healing Your Heart, Embracing Your Spirit

Are grief, anger and anxiety emotions that trouble you? Do you spend energy managing these emotions on a daily basis?

This workshop is designed to develop specific strategies and techniques to change your experience of these emotions from destructive, stressful internal states to experiences that lead to balance, spirituality and, ultimately, healing.

Click here for more information on Healing Your Heart, Embracing Your Spirit

Free NLP “Meetups”

Every other month, a member of the Princeton Center for NLP will present NLP related topics followed by a discussion.

Anyone who has previously attended our programs, their guests and individuals interested in learning more about NLP are invited to attend.

The topics will vary there is no cost for these Meetups. Please call for future listings and locations or check our website calendar frequently.

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