Language and Behavior Consulting (The LAB Profile)

Many individuals and corporations in search of excellence recognize the high quality tools and techniques that NLP has to offer, yet cannot commit to a comprehensive NLP training.

For these corporations, small businesses and individuals we offer the following services.

LAB Profiling Imagine what you could accomplish from identifying motivational triggers and work traits from simple conversation.

The Princeton Center for NLP is pleased to have on staff a licensed LAB Profile Consultant and offers training and consulting in the LAB Profile, a powerful and elegant tool to recognize traits to predict and influence behavior and performance.

Experience Our skilled team has years of experience helping people and organizations in many industries solve difficult business, communication and marketing problems.

We use an advanced diagnostic process, based on applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help you uncover opportunities to alter and shift challenging situations.

Examples – LAB Profile Consulting can:

  • provide marketing advice to help you understand the specific motivations of your target market and reach them with compelling messages.
  • help teams awaken to their differences to understand how these can be used to strengthen and realign the team.
  • align the sales process to match how your customers buy.
  • mediate disputes and manage conflict with unique awareness.