NLP Training

TrainingPreviews and library information You can take advantage of one of our free “meetups” or attend our trainings on NLP topics.

A good introductory book such as, “NLP: The New Technology of Achievement” by NLP Comprehensive is a great way to get started.

This remarkable best seller can be found at a discount at and is also available on audiotape.

Introductory Programs Best of all, experience an introductory training with one of our highly skilled trainers. These one-and two-day ‘test drive’ programs are offered:

The introductory programs are specifically designed to answer your questions about NLP. You will also gain a first-hand experience of the opportunities NLP offers to you

Certification Programs Our NLP Certification Programs are scheduled when a sufficient number of individuals or an organization commit to training:

The Princeton Tri-State Center for NLP is one of the few Training Centers in the country qualified to deliver the Dilts/NLPU Distance Learning Pathway.

Attending these trainings and demonstrating the required skill level, these courses of study lead to a certification as a Technician, Practitioner or Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Many people have described these trainings as the most transformative and effective personal development programs they have ever experienced.

Supervision Groups Several times a year we offer supervised practice groups for people who have studied NLP or completed NLP certification training programs. These groups offer an excellent environment to reinforce and refresh your NLP experience for a nominal fee.

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