Here are some of the things our students and clients have said about their experiences with us:


Mary’s competency and ability to relate to people in all walks of life is incredible.

She has been helping my disabled daughter navigate through the pandemic and we are very grateful.

Martha Thill, Chicago, IL


It’s almost one year (actually 16 hours) that I’ve been speaking with Mary. Mary has changed my life which has made such a positive impact on all the people in my life.

I’ve learned self-love,how to pause and how to react to different and difficult situations in a positive manner which creates a lot more love in my life. I’ve learned not to get caught up in other people’s drama, knowing I have complete control over my feelings, my thoughts and my life.

All this by listening, pausing and being grateful. I can not be more grateful for having made my first appointment with Mary last February!

Paula Meier, Fairless Hills, PA


I loved the Art of Chill this past Saturday. The session was stimulating, thought provoking and inspiring. Mary & Ed as a team kept the information flowing, taught us new concepts and took us from serious to laughter to several ‘Aha moments’.

2 hours and 25 minutes were over before I knew it! As a result of this program, I have become aware of where I am in the present, relative to my past and my anticipated future.

I feel less stressed as a result of recognizing my own trigger points which in turn will help me be a more effective communicator. Best part is I made a new, positive and inspiring friend! I highly recommend the program ‘The Art of Chill’

Bill Koelewyn, Lafayette Hill, PA


For over twelve years, I’ve had the privilege to work with Mary Davis at the Princeton Center for NLP on my personal and professional development.

Her guidance and teaching on how to get the ‘outcomes’ you want in life have been invaluable. I’ve been able to tap into resources internally and have learned to draw on successful experiences from the past to ‘map across’ into success for today.

Her coaching and mentoring have allowed me to become a better employee, business creator,husband, father and friend to people in my life.”

R White, Philadelphia, PA


Working with Mary has been an incredible experience that really transformed my life, before Mary I have been to numerous therapists and a few NLP practitioners but Mary’s approach to therapy is completely different from anything I have experienced.

Her approach combines a variety of techniques, which is why it works so well. Her positive attitude and flexibility especially with the phone sessions really keeps you in check in between sessions. After only few months of work my deep depression turned to a life of hope and purpose.

I recommend her to anyone who is ready to start living their lives.
Alice, New York, NY


I wanted you to know the very wonderful news that on 11/7, Molly had her yearly physical and without any prior knowledge that she would need a meningitis vaccination, had one at that appointment, with ease, utilizing the skills you worked on so patiently with her. So there is carry over, almost one year later!

Thank you so very much,


How has the training impacted my life?

Where didn’t it impact my life, should be the question. It has transformed my life in ways I never imagined. I

am so much more aware of language, communication and behavior. I am able to use this knowledge in constructive ways and deal with situations that were once difficult. My ability to communicate is now a strength for me.

Sahera Laing, Hampshire, England

My life: I’ll never be the same on a daily basis (if I choose to be resourceful.) I find that I more quickly access the resourceful me and then things seem to get into a more workable perspective and I get curious.

My work: I’m using the tools daily in music lessons and getting phenomenal results with my students who are more challenged or very young.

Joelyn Cornwell, Peekskill, N.Y.

What have you learned about NLP?

That it is a very powerful toolbox of resources that opens doors to choices that can make your life and affect everyone around you in positive ways.

Marcela Lehikoinen, Lawrenceville, N.J


I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Mary and have grown immensely in the past year.

By using NLP, I have been able to achieve outcomes that I never would have thought were possible and even learned to help others using NLP along the way. NLP has greatly improved my personal and professional life.

Richard White, Radnor, PA


My first fateful meeting with Mary Davis of The Princeton Center for NLP about a year ago has been a pivotal point in my life. My purpose at the time was to improve focus in my professional and personal life.

The results were and continue to be nothing short of life changing!!! As my personal coach this past year through a difficult family situation, Mary’s gentle and ever so effective NLP coaching techniques allowed me to access a depth of personal power and peace of mind I’ve always possessed but didn’t realize I had.

To say she gives you her undivided attention would be an understatement: her memory of and attention to key details of what is said is nothing short of amazing. Her skills in then applying NLP using those key details borders on the magical. If your goal is results, if you want to be coached towards your goals by someone that truly cares about your achieving positive results, then this is the place.

Ron Salesky, NJ


NLP has helped me to focus my energy to drive my business.

D.S., Princeton, NJ


You have helped me so much in a short period of time. Unbelievable! Thank you.

C. Woodbeck, Cornwall Hudson, NY


NLP coaching has equipped me with the skills to make positive changes in my life.

J. Mooney, Deptford, NJ


The training and coaching helped me breakthrough my fear of success and allowed me to move my business into it’s best year ever.

B. Steffan, CEO, Steffan and Co.


I learned more about my needs and how I relate them to others and in turn become a much more effective communicator.

I see and feel a tremendous difference in how I handle life’s daily challenges-both personally and professionally. The results were immediate.

S. Loporto, Speech Pathologist


Through tears, laughter and a variety of methods and techniques, I have experienced numerous moments of catharsis and gained valuable insights.

L. Decker, Guidance Counselor


In only three sessions I have experienced a dramatic transformation. I have the ability to recognize what I want and more importantly, how to get it in a short period of time.

M. Roff, Princeton, NJ


With only a few sessions my nine year old son has gained more self-confidence and the ability “on his own” to focus better. He uses this newfound confidence in school and is now an A student and has improved in Karate.

G. Feigel, New Windsor, NY


My daughter, who does competitive gymnastics, was struggling with her confidence on the balance beam. It was affecting her overall competitive performance to the point that gymnastics was no longer enjoyable and her continuation in the sport was in jeopardy.

Mary worked her magic and … four years later, my daughter is still doing gymnastics and qualified first to the New York State Empire Games for the Hudson Valley Region.

B. Bryan, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY


On behalf of the YWCA and the members of the Business Women’s Breakfast group I want to thank you, your presentation. It was so well presented and meaningful to all of us.

J. Caeola, Adult Program Dir.


Thank you for your excellent presentation at the Chamber’s Small Business Council Breakfast.

Everyone left the meeting with a much better understanding of how to manage stressful situations.

C. Ellen Hodges, President


Mary’s theme, goal setting and visualization, was powerfully motivating. It was largely due to her presentation that for the last four years I have have qualified for State Farm’s prestigious President’s Club which is the top fifty agents in the entire company.

B. Bryan, State Farm Agent


Thank you for a most informative communication/stress workshop. I found the workshop not only informative, but also pertinent for the level of employees attending this particular session. Often times, informative as a workshop can be, I find myself not able to apply much of the knowledge to my actual job experience. Your ability to incorporate anecdotal training into the workshop was most helpful and supplied a “real life” basis from which to learn from.

S. M. Conley, Asst. Training Manager, Time Consumer Marketing Inc


During a two-month crisis at a local manufacturing facility after an explosion that resulted in two fatalities, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing groups were conducted.

They worked individually with all affected workers, helping to restore them to normalcy. We received glowing tributes about Carol and Mary’s compassion, gentleness and effectiveness.