The Personal Breakthrough

Life changing and deeply personal

The Princeton Center for NLP offers the Personal Breakthrough, a life changing process that is conducted over several hours.

This is a unique, deeply personal one-on-one session to facilitate deep, long lasting change in a very rapid, powerful, yet gentle process

Breakthrough Process

The Personal Breakthrough process helps individuals discover their own unique way of thinking about themselves and adjusting or improving that thinking to achieve powerful changes.

Participants will:

  • Refine and design solid aspects of their life that work well to make them even stronger
  • Build an entirely new desired quality that will guide thoughts, feelings and behavior unconsciously without effort
  • Use these new qualities through time and across contexts
  • Transform troublesome and unstable qualities into the strong positive quality that is wanted

Breakthrough Experience

Qualified staff members of the Center will facilitate this process to enable the participant to break free of all kinds of limiting behaviors, from simple issues like biting nails, to deeper issues like trauma, anger, weight loss or abuse.

The experience of Personal Breakthrough is often described as a turning point in the life of the participant.

Time Commitment

The Personal Breakthrough requires a commitment of several hours and results in long lasting changes to the Participant’s self-concept.

Please call Mary Demetria Davis at the Center – 609-689-3745 or 609-532-1220 for further information about this process and if it is right for you.

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