April 26, 2010

The Spirit of NLP

Product Description This fully revised edition of The Spirit of NLP represents the core of a brilliant Richard Bandler master training. It also includes significant contributions […]
March 15, 2010

Heart of the Mind: Engaging Your Inner Power to Change With Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Product Description An engaging introduction to NLP, through 21 chapters, each focusing on a special topic: negotiation, resolving grief, parenting positively, motivation that works, fulfilling decision-making, […]
March 4, 2010

Modelling NLP For Business Success

Business NLP, modelling, accelerated learning are all subjects that are banded about in some business circles. But exactly how can these things help to really create […]
March 3, 2010

NLP Anchoring in Action

www.nlptimes.com  – Examples of NLP style anchoring in action from Derren Brown, Tony Robbins and SNL