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If you are interested in self hypnosis, you will need to know the different self hypnosis techniques out there so that you can choose one that will best suit you.  There are four major self hypnosis techniques that you can choose from in this article, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.  You will find that each and every person is unique and will have a different response or reaction to each individual method.  Before starting with any of these self hypnosis techniques, you need to know yourself thoroughly to ensure that the method that you choose will be the most appropriate and successful one for you.

Below you will find the four self hypnosis techniques or methods that are most commonly used nowadays:

1.    The Traditional Technique – This method of self hypnosis is one that has been used the longest over the course of many years.  This technique simply involves suggestions being made to the patient's subconscious mind.  If you find yourself being open to suggestion, and if you do not ask too many questions when you encounter new things, then this self hypnosis technique would be good for you.  This method will not particularly work well with those who are fond of questioning authority or those who do not easily take directions.  This is because due to all the questioning or doubting being done, the patient will find it hard to fall into a completely relaxed state.  To perform traditional self hypnosis techniques, you can use hypnosis tapes or CDs.

2.    The Subliminal Technique – In this method, the patient will be listening to two sound tracks that will send a subliminal message to the subconscious mind.  One of the sound tracks will usually be sounds of nature or relaxing music, while the other track is usually a repetition of certain suggestions.  These repetitions usually are 100 in count.  With this type of self hypnosis technique, the person need not be in a relaxed state.

3.    The Ericksonian Hypnosis Method – In this method or technique of self hypnosis, metaphors or short stories are used to plant different suggestions in the person's subconscious mind.  Because this technique uses metaphors, the person will usually find it easier to accept suggestions because they are not direct commands, such as the ones in traditional hypnosis.  Ericksonian hypnosis is quite powerful because it tricks the mind into accepting suggestions that one may not usually accept if it were given to them directly.

4.    The Neuro-Linguistic Technique – With this method, you will need to analyze your own thought patterns so that you can get rid of your problem areas.  In this method, the patient can also be told to create a visual image in their mind wherein they are successful – it could be a newly created image or an image from the past – and then while replaying this confidence-boosting image, the person is asked to touch their fingers together.  This will be asked to be repeated several times.  After some time, every time the person touches his or her fingers together, he or she will be able to create feelings of confidence instantly.

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Ed Andriessen
Ed Andriessen
Ed currently holds two certifications as a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one from the NLP Center of New York and one from NLP University at the University of California at Santa Cruz.He is also Co-director of the Princeton Center for NLP and is a Dilts/NLP University Distance Learning Affiliate. Ed has dedicated himself to understanding human communication in its many forms, and works as a trainer, coach, consultant and professional speaker.For twelve years, Ed has designed and led trainings and seminars in NLP, Management Development, Professional Development and Selling skills.Ed has studied with some of the best trainers in the world including Steven Leeds, Rachel Hott, Joseph Yeager, Susan Sommers, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Suzi Smith, Sid Jacobson, Michael Colgrass, Shelle Rose Charvet and Steve Andreas.

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  1. Ben Tien says:

    According to experts, self-hypnosis results can be realized by some individuals immediately, while for others it may take several weeks to recognize a change. Most agree, however, that a 21-day time frame is reasonable.
    While some say it is easy to accomplish, the trick is to relax and focus. Sometimes this is hard to do, especially if you cannot rid your conscious mind of the constant barrage of thoughts that get in the way of total relaxation.
    Others suggest using a self-made tape to begin the process of self-hypnosis. This may make it easier to allow the suggestions to filter into your subconscious. And if you practice yoga or other relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis is just a heartbeat away.
    While some people prefer subliminal messaging (that is, the utilization of pre-recorded tapes to either lose weight or quit smoking), self-hypnosis seems to be the most effective method since you have complete control over your own subconscious.

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