NLP Eye Movement Integration with a Vietnam Veteran (PTSD)

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May 21, 2010
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May 25, 2010
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Get the full DVD: Eye Movement Integration, NLP's kinder and gentler version of EMDR is used to resolve a Vietnam Veteran's PTSD flashbacks. This video shows the beginning and end of the 55 minute session — where he describes the tracer bullets in the night as "pretty." Sign up for Steve's free NLP blog here: See also: http

Ed Andriessen
Ed Andriessen
Ed currently holds two certifications as a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one from the NLP Center of New York and one from NLP University at the University of California at Santa Cruz.He is also Co-director of the Princeton Center for NLP and is a Dilts/NLP University Distance Learning Affiliate. Ed has dedicated himself to understanding human communication in its many forms, and works as a trainer, coach, consultant and professional speaker.For twelve years, Ed has designed and led trainings and seminars in NLP, Management Development, Professional Development and Selling skills.Ed has studied with some of the best trainers in the world including Steven Leeds, Rachel Hott, Joseph Yeager, Susan Sommers, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Suzi Smith, Sid Jacobson, Michael Colgrass, Shelle Rose Charvet and Steve Andreas.


  1. shelleybelly1111 says:

    You are wrong ! this does work I have started this and this has been the only thing to work nothing else has I bleive in this fully

  2. realpeoplepress says:

    I agree; it is very boring; so is dentistry.
    But when you are a vet who has been suffering for years, its well worth it to be bored for an hour so that you can live a good life free of flashbacks. Steve Andreas

  3. KeelyBrookeT says:

    I’m bored, Next

  4. realpeoplepress says:

    Response to metalmike83 from Steve Andreas
    Let’s assume for a moment that you are correct that “it only works less than half the time and it’s probably due to placebo affect.” That would still make it FAR more effective than any other treatment available–in less than an hour!
    This video was made in 1993, 16 years ago. Now NLP has a variety of even more effective methods for PTSD.

  5. metalmike83 says:

    this bullshit has failed every scientific test it’s been subjected to – it only works less than half the time and it’s probably due to placebo affect – don’t pay for this shame treatment.

  6. Medech2012 says:

    When well applied, this technique is a great tool that can surely help.

  7. Thoogah says:

    the main problem is what you get out of a therpeutic process is always subjective and hard to interpret, don’t lose hope, keep trying I don’t mean to judge any of your negative experiences but remember it is and will probably always be a work in progress good luck is all can be said I guess ūüôā

  8. Thoogah says:

    the thing is it’s pretty hard to determine whats therapeutic for which client, this method looks like it’s working for this client, many of the criticism is that these shorter more affordable methods of therapy are conveniently in accord with capitalist economy a therapy method you can mass produce so to speak and thus they’re not reliable but then the proven methods with many articles published on can fail as well, might be wrong for the clients’s condition, might be therapist’s mistake as well

  9. m112233445566m11 says:

    EFT is amazing, in the right hands huge changes can be made

  10. tynel9 says:

    I agree with you Roddy. Therapies often do not seem to work that well. But, you have a good sense of humour! You made me feel better, I laughed pretty hard after I read what you wrote. I’ve had similar experience with therapy. Therapy seems useless. But, spirituality seems to work. It takes time. You are still alive. Your life can still get better. Thanks for sharing your experience. : )

  11. jamirox81 says:

    Robby, only for information, what kind of therapies you tried?

    Have you ever tried energy psychology? Like EFT, TFT, TAT and similar…

    Thank Roddy

  12. RoddyGinhell says:

    I have had PTSD since childhood from being drugged with LSD without my knowledge. I had EMDR as well as any other therapy over the last 34 years you can name. In my experience, EMDR and other cognitive therapy works in the following way. You go through each therapy, EMDR, then all the others. After a few years those treatments go out and back into vogue, and they are given to you again. After trying all these treatments over and over without success, you die of old age. Voila, your PTSD is gone.

  13. capricious71 says:

    I was talking about how EMDR has a lot of promise not that it’s pseudopsychotherapy.

  14. BuildABetterLife says:

    EMDR > This.

  15. paddyojesus says:

    I did this with a VA therapist and it dislodged a lot of memory making it possible to remember details that were to unpleasant to previously consider it was very intense and not something I crave doing again but it helped.

  16. amivag77 says:

    Very interesting, thank you

  17. capricious71 says:

    The truth hurts, eh?

  18. emdria1214 says:

    To Ragulator and ChewingGun:
    And your professional credentials to make this judgement are_______??

  19. paulatejano3 says:


    The map is not the territory. Open your eyes…
    see not only what you want to see.

  20. alittlerock says:

    Again the wonderful Andreas’!

    Live long Stevo!

  21. artmacc says:

    great example… how can it be used for self improvement

  22. ChewingGun says:


  23. TheRagulator says:

    No. It is pseudopsychotherapy.

  24. diharrygmail says:

    Some people use it as a method of therapy, however, it is much more than this. Can be used to model success in any area. For example, you can learn how to improve athletic performance, selling strategies, for happy relationships, etc.

  25. ChewingGun says:

    NLP is psychotherapy???

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